Laboratory of simulation in real time

The laboratory of simulation in real time is a powerful platform for analysis of power system operation, ensuring reliability and safety.

Digital substations

  • Validation of architectures for process bus
  • Validation of Substation Configuration Language (SCL Files)
  • Validation of GOOSE messaging latency (Ping Pong tests)
  • Validation of GOOSE messaging performance in redundant networks (PRP / HSR)
  • Validation of the bandwidth that supports the communications architecture
  • Validation of traffic engineering
  • Validation of Merging Units interoperability (HIL Testing)
  • Validation of the interoperability of IEDs (HIL tests)


  •  Cybersecurity consulting based on CNO-788 and NERC-CIP
  • Identification of cyber assets
  • Preparation and / or validation of cybersecurity policies
  • Analysis of cyber-vulnerabilities
  • Evaluation of ports and services of cyber-assets
  • Evaluation of access control levels
  • Attack tests in web applications
  • DoS denial of service tests
  • Spoffing tests
  • MitM tests
  • Sniffing tests
  • Evidence of access by brute force
  • Social engineering


  • Validation of micro-network controllers (HIL Test)