EPC Projects

Execution of projects in construction, remodeling, technological update of substations, lines and electrical installations of MV / AT.

  • Construction, remodeling and technological update of patio type and encapsulated MV / AT substations
  • Construction of overhead and underground lines in MT
  • Construction of MV / AT Industrial electrical installations
  • Construction of solar farms

Electrical Testing Services

We support you in improving the performance of the most important assets of your electric company through diagnostic tests that seek to optimize the maintenance cycle of the assets, prolong their useful life , and consequently guarantee the availability and reliability of the electricity supply .

  • Special and routine tests on transformers
  • Tests on low, medium and high voltage switches
  • Testing in disconnectors
  • Tests on protection relays , meters, transducers and energy meters.
  • Tests on cables
  • Tests to ground meshes in substations
  • NOJA POWER reclosers


  • Tests of partial discharges
  • Energy quality measurements
  • Step and contact voltage measurements.
  • Measurement of resistivity of terrain and resistances of the mesh
  • Power factor (delta tangent)
  • Exciting current
  • VLF tests
  • High pot
  • Primary injection
  • Secondary injection