PTI Tec is our unit dedicated to offer solutions in telecontrol, automation and protection; Instrumentation, power and quality of energy; Electrical projects and tests; Analysis of power systems and solutions in real time.


Supply, installation and technical support in specialized solutions in: power, capacitive compensation, operation and protection equipment for aerial and underground grids, measurement, detection of grid faults, protection relays, reclosers, energy storage.

Design and implementation of industrial networking solutions with high availability and reliability. Integration of control systems, protection, automation and telecontrol of electrical systems with emphasis on real time and cybersecurity.

Studies of electrical power systems and industrial systems. Implementation of systems simulation, operation, control, monitoring and automation of mathematical model-based power systems. Analysis of existing electrical systems and the impact of microgrids and renewable energy using simulation in real time.

Execution of power projects in medium and high voltage; diagnostic tests for low, medium and high voltage equipments.